Series of meetings for the promotion of tourism of Calenzano, Campi, Signa and Sesto destination.

Series of meetings for the promotion of tourism of Calenzano, Campi, Signa and Sesto destination.

December 29, 2015 journal-en

Thursday, November 26th Smartourism has promoted with CIRT (Interuniversity Center for Research on tourism) and Matè and the municipality Councilors Damiano Felli and Eleonora Ciambellotti a meeting called DESTINATION CALENZANO CAMPI which was held at the public library of Calenzano and which involved local operators of tourism sector.


The proposed issues were many, including:

  1. the concrete proposal of councilor Felli to devote some municipality resources to build a territorial development plan, shared and supported by public and private operators;
  2. the adoption of an enlarged territorial perspective in terms of destination development that includes the municipalities of: Calenzano-Campi-Signa-Sesto;
  3. the need to consider all stages of the process of composition of the trip: inspiration, planning, reservations, travel, experience sharing, maintenance of contact;
  4. new web mobile, social, technologies, the development of “experiential tourism”, the importance of storytelling, the increasing need for customer involvement in communication strategies and planning, the need of integration of products spread in the territories;
  5. the possibility to replicate in Calenzano-Campi-Signa-Sesto a successful model already experienced (in Lunigiana or) in Fiesole .


The 26th of November was only the first of a series of three meetings to be held in the medium term and that will have as their ultimate goal the presentation of a shared territorial development plan.

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