Tales of Lunigiana


Trame Territoriali & Fondazione Italiana Accenture




Destination Management

In 2013, a network of companies, associations and no profit organisations won the call for ideas ARS – Art to generate employment. A million of euro to achieve 2 ambitious goals:

Two goals achieved in 5 steps: 1 – mapping the local artistic and cultural resources to generate a SWOT shared with local stakeholders; 2 – improving the accessibility to the castles by employing innovative ICT solutions; 3 – building a tech infrastructure to promote the tourist offer as a unique destination; 4 – creating and offering experiential bespoke itineraries; 5 – developing multimedia contents to increase the destination’s appeal.

The project involves Beecome, Sebastiano Peluso, Ilaria Gadenz and Carola Haupt to develop the ICT solutions and produce multi-media contents. The project is ongoing and all the updates are available at tramedilunigiana.it.


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